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Capital P provides property finding services throughout Greater London. We have been successfully assisting clients since 2004, helping them to navigate the London property market. We advise, find and secure the best properties for our clients' particular needs, in the most appropriate locations. Our clients vary from overseas investors in London's buy-to-let market, parents purchasing properties as investments for their children, to owner-occupiers buying a home or a London base. We also provide rental services for those relocating to London.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, personal and professional service based on our extensive experience in London's purchase and rental markets.

Why use Capital P ?

Our Knowledge of London areas; of the London market; of the buying or renting process; of the changing financial and fiscal environment for property owners; of trusted property professionals who can assist with surveys, conveyancing, mortages etc.

Our knowledge will save you time and money during the initial acquisition or rental process.

Our knowledge will safeguard your financial investment over the long term.