Buying Agents - Not Just for the Wealthy

Capital P | 30/03/17

It’s interesting that during the last quarter I have had more enquiries from first time buyers than ever before.

It’s a very sensible buyer who asks for help with what is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases they will ever make. Given that the London market is so overheated at the moment, finding property to view and having time to weigh up the pros and cons before it goes under offer is a daunting prospect. In any case, buying agents are often given the ‘heads up’ on properties before they even reach the open market so that an increasing number of sales now happen off-market.

The other difficulty for first time buyers in London is that just over half of all property here is sold to cash buyers, creating a less than level playing field for anyone who has to raise mortgage finance.

If you are about to make your first property purchase in London, do consider seeking the advice of a buying agent to represent your best interests and ensure that you invest your money wisely. Selecting the right location, exploring alternative areas, looking at the terms of a leasehold property carefully, considering the future resale value… all of these issues are things that first time buyers frequently ask for help with, and with good cause!

And don’t be put off by thinking that buying agents are only for the very wealthy. Our shopping list of services means that you can choose to take advantage of only those parts that suit your needs, even if that means just calling the estate agent to negotiate hard on the price on your behalf! You could find that we end up saving you money, and we can certainly give you the confidence to know that you have made the best choice available with your hard-earned cash.

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