Choosing Off Plan Flats

Capital P | 30/03/17

Diane Howie, buying agent and Director of Capital P London has successfully helped a large number of clients buy off-plan properties in the capital. Many of these purchases are for repeat clients who rely on her advice to the degree that they never set foot on site themselves.

Although there are always exceptions to any rule and each development should be assessed individually, Diane’s quick tips for buying off-plan are as follows:

1) Views are valuable – both in rents and capital growth
2) So always the highest floors are the best
3) South-facing
4) One bedroom - as there will always be a shortage
5) Facing inwards where possible

Diane says, “These guidelines will almost always guarantee the highest rents, thereby achieving the best yields. Property investment is a long game. If the location is right, and my role is to add value by knowing where the best locations are, then capital growth is guaranteed along with consistent rentals with no void periods.”

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