London’s Changing Season

Capital P | 16/03/17

There’s something rather special about London in the autumn. Fiery red, orange and yellow leaves falling gracefully to the ground, the sense of intimacy that comes from catching glimpses of warm, well-lit interiors as evening falls, cosy pubs, the smell of coffee beans on a frosty morning, and one of my all-time favourite pastimes, kicking through great piles of leaves on a beautiful and crisp blue-sky-day in one of London’s many parks.

I am particularly fond of Regent’s Park with its bandstand, boating lake, 395 acres of glorious outdoor space and slightly bizarre soundtrack of safari park animals from the nearby zoo! Designed by John Nash, there is something very special about being in the heart of one of the world’s biggest cities, yet feeling the stillness and calm that comes from such an expanse of wide open green space.

The handsome property in this part of London is also inspirational. The looping terraces that John Nash designed around Regent's park provide a mixture of detached villas and semi-detached houses, gloriously situated in private gardens, railed off from the street. Property in this exclusive enclave is some of the capital’s finest and most expensive.

Don’t miss getting outside and enjoying the changing of the season as Autumn descends on London’s many parks. Please bear in mind though, that if you visit Richmond or Bushy Park, especially with a dog, that the deer mating season has begun and you should keep your distance from amorous stags and feisty antlers!

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