Capital P


London Waterloo

Whether you are moving from abroad or from somewhere in the UK, renting in London can feel like a daunting experience. So many areas, high rentals, and a very fast moving market.

Capital P can help you to navigate the process and ensure your move is as smooth and stress free as possible. We can provide advice and assistance on all aspects of your move from area advice, property search, lease negotiatons and settling in services.

Our team at Capital P have unrivalled experience in helping renters find property in London via the work we undertake through our sister company Capital R who look after Corpoarte relocation contracts for the likes of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, JP Morgan to name but a few. We assist in excess of 300 clients a year moving both, in and out, of London and we can assure you there is nothing we haven't come across before !

We provide complete flexibility in how you purchase our services.

Total Support Package

Capital P support you from start to finish with every aspect of your search providing all the Rental Services set out below. Fees are the equivalent of 1 month's rental on the property you secure.

1 - 5 Day Service Pacakges

Capital P will provide only the services you choose from the items below so you get help where you need it most. Daily Rates start from £300 per day.

Pre-Rental Services

  • DIY Guide to Renting in London

    If you prefer to undretake your own search but just need a bit of advice on how to get started and the most common “do's and don'ts” of the rental process, why not try our DIY Guide to Renting in London. This service will give you the services of one of our team of experienced consultants for a whole day to give you some fast track help on how to go about your own search. They will run through the rental process, give you advice on how to proceed, recommend agents in preferred areas and advise on common issues with lease negotiation, inventory and setting up utility accounts.

Rental Services

  • Advice and Orientation

    Based on your budget, personal preferences and transportation needs, we will provide advice on areas which would best suit you. We will take you on a walking tour of the areas so you get the feel of the micro and macro locations as well as arranaging viewings of sample properties to show what your rental budget will get you in the different areas. From this you should be able to narrow down your preferred search areas.

  • Property Search

    We will thoroughily search the market for properties that meet your criteria and arrange a dedicated viewing day day when we will escourt you around our selection of the best properties available. We will help you assess the best option and advise on negotiating the terms of the rental.

  • Lease Negotiation and Settling-in

    We will handle all the lease negotaition on your behalf ensuring you secure lease terms which suit your circumstances and will protect you for the duration of your tenancy. We will be at your side through the inventory check-in process and will help you set up essential utilties etc once you have moved in. We will also provide advice on local services and amenities and research any particular issues you require help with.

Post-Rental Services

  • Concierge Services

    We can provide ongoing support to help you fully settle into London life via our concierge services. A dedicated member of our team will be available to help you with any issues and provide the support you need.

  • Lease Renewals

    We can assit you at the end of your tenancy if you wish to negotiate a renewal for a further term. We will liaise with the Landlord and agent to negotiate any new terms which are required and ensure the documentation completed correctly.

  • Departure Services

    Moving out of the property at the end of your tenancy can be stressful. We can assist with this process, helping you to serve the correct notice on the landlord or agent, advising you of relevant lease terms which apply at the end of the tenancy, helping to arrange cleaners and the inventory check-out and handle any dilapidations negotaitions which may arise to ensure you receive your deposit back safely.